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Most Anticipated Epic Fantasy - Audible November 2020

November. Cold weather, and Pre-Holiday calm makes for the perfect curl up with a book - not that I've been doing anything else all year. Here are the five audio books I am looking forward most to next month.

#5. Divergence

The Beginning After the End, Book 7 _ By Turtle Me

Release date: 11-10-20

Turtle me (besides having the one of the coolest names in fantasy) drew me in with the first book of the series. The main character, Arthur Leywin was thrown into the world as an infant after his previous incarnation as a ruler, King Grey, with his memories and talents intact. Arthur is a compelling protagonist and has kept my attention throughout the entire series. I am a sucker for a coming of age fantasy, and this series of elemental inspired magic brings it in spades. Travis Baldree is also one of my favorite narrators. His voice transports listeners back to their childhoods, resting on a father's knee.

#4. The Lost City of Ithos

Mage Errant, Book 4 _ By: John Bierce

Release date: 11-24-20

Hugh and the Skyhold crew return with next instalment of the Mage Errant Series. Again, few things draw me in like a coming of age novel epic fantasy novel and Hugh, who starts off the series as "The worst student that the Academy at Skyhold has ever seen." makes for a charming and relatable main character- at least relatable to those of us who dreamed of living in a library.

#3. The Black Book

The Cycle of the Scour, Book 2 By: Edward W. Robertson

Release date: 11-10-20

In this sequel to The Sealed Citidel, Cally and Rowe are fresh from their demonic battle and are in search of a true copy of the "The Cycle of Arawn." If that name rings a bell it is a hearken back to the book of the same title by Robertson. While there were a few issues with audio quality in the original, I have high hopes for this instalment.

#2. A Testament of Steel

Instrument of Omens, Book 1 By: Davis Ashura

Length: 20 hrs and 38 mins

Release date: 11-10-20

I fell in love with Ashura's recent series, Castes and the OutCastes. The "race" based hereditary magic system and character dynamics made for more than a couple sleepless nights. So when I found out that the author has a new series coming I could not press the preorder button fast enough. The new series follows a main character, Cinder Shade, who in true Jason Borne fashion, awakens without his memories in the bottom of a well and discovers with a peculiar gift and abilities as a warrior. Really looking forward to this one.

#1. Rhythm of War

By: Brandon Sanderson

Narrated by:

Series: Stormlight Archive, Book 4

Release date: 11-17-20

No Surprises here! Sanderson's stormlight archive is a stunning. I can't wait to dive back in the Cosmere. As far as narrators go, there simply is none better than power-couple Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. This release is exactly the light at the end of the dark tunnel of 2020 that we all need.

What did I miss? What Epic Fantasy Audio books are you looking forward to? Leave a comment below!


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