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Most Anticipated Epic Fantasy Audio Books -December 2020

2020 is wrapping to a close. Looking back at the chaos and turmoil, many of us are searching for an escape. And what better escape than talented narrators carrying us to fantastical worlds whose conflicts stay far away from the local news?

Join me as we dive into some of the year’s most anticipated audio books with the December 2020 list of most anticipated Epic Fantasy audiobook releases. (Check Out November’s list here).

In order of release…..


Spellmonger, Book 12

By: Terry Mancour

Narrated by: John Lee

Release date: 12-01-20

The year starts with our favorite spell mongering fried Minalan. Full of wry humor and grand adventure this next instalment in the series is likely to be a favorite of many.

From the Publisher:

After defending his fledgling realm against the undead lord Gaja Katar all winter long, Count Minalan of the Magelaw faces a new threat in the spring: the Nemovort Shakathet, favored of Korbal, leading the mighty hordes out of the Penumbra. This time, Minalan faces a real strategist; one who drives his armies with purpose and efficiency. The road to war leads through Megelin Castle and the vulnerable lands to the south of Vanado. Old enemies will become allies, and old friends will become valuable assets.

War, however, is not what is preoccupying Minalan; the knowledge of the end of the world is. As he broods on existential issues and debates with various goddesses and Alka Alon about Calidore’s fate, he must overcome his own fears and anxieties and impose order on the situation before everything goes into the chamber pot.

The solution? Hire an Arcanist, a specialist in the obscure and trivial, to organize and investigate the many matters Minalan has to manage and bring them to order.

Horsemen's War

The Rebellion Chronicles, Book 3

By: Steve McHugh

Narrated by: Simon Mattacks*

Release date: 12-03-20

The third instalment in the Rebellion Chronicles, sequel to Scorcery Reborn and Death Unleased, promises to be steeped with magic, myth, and mystery.

From the Publisher:

It’s a dark day for the earth realms. Will it be the last?

Sorcerer Nate Garrett lost much in the battle that devastated Asgard, but the war against darkness is far from over. He’s spent a year searching for Arthur, hell-bent on stopping the evil leader of Avalon and rescuing his friend Tommy from his clutches. Nate’s investigation brings him to Washington, DC, where he finds the city under siege. Just when all hope seems lost, Layla Cassidy and her team arrive to join the fight, but Avalon’s deadly plan to conquer the earth realm is underway.

Meanwhile, Mordred is on a quest to find allies in the upcoming war against Avalon, hoping to find Arthur and stop him before it’s too late.

As the rebellion forces close in on Arthur, each of them know this could be their last fight. But with Arthur massing an unstoppable army of his own, will Nate’s fury be enough to defeat him once and for all?

Glory to the Brave

Ascend Online, Book 4

By: Luke Chmilenko

Narrated by: Luke Daniels

Release date: 12-08-20

Your next LitRPG fix is coming with Glory of the Brave, the fourth title in the Ascend online series.

From the Publisher

Heroes don't stand for themselves. They stand for others who cannot.

Betrayed by those they'd taken in and narrowly avoiding a disaster of untold proportions, Lyrian and his friends are once again thrust into a fight for their very survival, this time against Carver and his band of murderous adventurers. But as their newfound war quickly reaches a stalemate, both sides find themselves scrambling for a way to break it, while viciously battling one another for every inch of ground that they can steal in the process.

Yet just as Lyrian and the others manage to gain an advantage that could very well end the conflict, they find their world turned upside down as an even greater enemy appears on the horizon. Pushed to the brink, it will take every ounce of cunning and courage they have to find a way to survive.

Assuming they can at all.

Empire in Black and Gold

By: Adrian Tchaikovsky

Shadows of the Apt, Book 1

Narrated by: Ben Allen

Release date: 12-10-20

Ready to binge? This is the first book in Tchaikovsky. Shadows of the Apt series. Books 1 and 2 are release together on December 10, 2020, with the third installment slated for February 2021.

From the Publisher

Empire in Black and Gold is the first novel in Adrian Tchaikovsky's critically acclaimed epic fantasy series, The Shadows of the Apt.

The days of peace are over....

The city states of the Lowlands have lived in peace and prosperity for decades: bastions of civilization and sophistication. That peace is about to end.

In far-off corners, an ancient Empire has been conquering city after city with its highly trained armies and sophisticated warmaking.... And now it's set its sights on a new prize.

Only the ageing Stenwold Maker, spymaster, artificer and statesman, can see the threat. It falls upon his shoulders to open the eyes of his people – as soon a tide will sweep down over the Lowlands and burn away everything in its path.

But first he must stop himself from becoming the Empire's latest victim.

Dark Wolf Forsaken

Alpha Rising, Book 2

By: Ryan Evans

Narrated by: Eric Michael Summerer

Release date: 12-15-20

This sequel to Evan’s debut, Dark Wolf’s Awakening, brings us back to the story of Valian. The last book left us with emotions running high and eagerly awaiting the next book!

From the Publisher:

The Saurian threat has been defeated, and the eastern border has been made safe once again.

With the end of the campaign, Valian looks forward to peace and prosperity for his newly established house, but fate has other ideas. A dark corruption is taking hold in Tor’s Rest, strengthened by the avarice and ambition of those in power.

Shunned by those he called allies, cornered by those he called enemies, Valian must decide how far he’s willing to go in order to combat the chaos sweeping throughout the land. Can he find a way to stop the impending calamity, or is he destined to be just another sacrifice to the coming storm?


About James:

James is a compulsive reader and aspiring writer. His love for Epic Fantasy novels spurred him to create Reader's Tower, a place to share the stories that shaped his life. 


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