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Scribbler Box Review Oct 2020

Note: The following review is NOT Sponsored. I purchased the box with my own money at full price.

I love subscription Boxes. Something about the receiving curated packages at my doorstep each month brings me back to a kid at Christmas. So when I heard of Scribbler, a subscription box made by writers for writers, I was intrigued.

I received my first box today! What was in it? Was it worth the cost? Keep reading to find out.


The packaging of my first box did not disappoint. The custom images and text on the box itself, and the vibrant orange confetti inside was definitely was a page turner! Nestled atop the tissue a post card for a writing contest. It is clear that effort and thought went into the look and feel of the box.

Deanan Gourmet Popcorn

I make it a rule not to check what I am receiving when I order a box. So I was surprised to see a bag of gourmet popcorn. Any writer that stays up late seeking inspiration knows the value of a snack. This was a pleasant and unexpected sweet addition to the box.

Daily Writing Goals Sticky Pad.

Organization is not one of my strong suits, so I regularly have to set targets for myself to keep on track. This pad is a great place set your day's goals.

"YOU CAN" Wooden Block.

While this is not something I would have bought for myself, that can be the beauty of a curated box. As a writer plagued with impostor syndrome, having a symbol of encouragement on my desk cannot hurt!

"Write what should not be forgotten" Magnet.

I love this quote. It made me stop and think about what I am writing and what I want to write next. Writers get inspirations from words, and this was a cool addition to the box.

Writing Stickers

These are fun, I may break my anti-kitschy rule and stick a few on my laptop.

Writing Passport.

This is a monthly booklet that I believe the folks at Scribbler will include in each box. This month is a deep dive into the outlining process with content from best selling author Brianna Labuskes

Publishing Process.

A great addition to the Box with valuable insights and information. The pamphlet is a journey of the publishing process for author Brianna Labuskes.

"Her Final Words" with Author's Signature

The highest value item in the Box. This thriller is by Brianna Labuske, best selling author of "Girl of Glass."

Scribbler partnered with Labuskes for much of the overall box's content. While thrillers are not my go-to genre, having the finished work referenced in the outlining and publishing pamphlets rounds out the Box's content nicely.

***Final Thoughts & Overall Opinion***

An authors journey is marked with small steps of progress, layers of disappointment, and inspiration.

Is this Box going to magically make you a best selling author? No. That being said, I closed the lid on this box with insights into the publishing world and writing ideas that I did not have when I opened it.

This box was carefully curated with many custom elements. It also felt cohesive in the content related to a specific author and their journey. While the stickers, magnets, and décor items are a bit on the kitschy side, we all need inspiration where we can get it.

The subscription box retails for 29.99 USD (shipping not included). There was a place to enter a coupon code, so it is possible that an industries searcher may find some sort of discount code. I think the Box's content is comparable to the amount I paid .

Overall I rate this box 7.5 out of 10.


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